Dannielle Gorogo

I am a woman of Bundjalung, Gumabyngiirr, Dhungutti and Papuan New Guinea descent. I live in the northern rivers region of New South Wales, close to the country of ancestors on my mother’s side. We are the Djanbun (Platypus) clan of the Washpool Forest and Washpool River area. I am a Mother of three, balancing time between maintaining a happy, healthy home and doing my painting.

 My artwork is a reflection of my heritage, the country in which I live, my family experiences, beliefs and interests. I like to work with gouache paints on archival paper, but during the last few years I have been experimenting with oils and acrylic on canvas.

 My connection to my Father’s Papuan family and culture is very important to me and often my childhood memories and stories come alive in the vibrant colours of my artwork. My father was an Agriculturist/Horticulturist born in Milne Bay, the people on his father’s side are the Mekeo people from Port Moresby area.

My Mother is an Archaeologist, involved and working in cultural heritage in State Forests in New South Wales. One of my favourite past times is hearing her stories of the places she has to travel to and the people she hast met. Through my Mother’s lineage my Goorie (Aboriginal) heritage is one of strong and proud Goorie women belonging to a matrilineal society where your connection to country was passed on from your mother.