Giinagay Nujawiny!

Yaam Gumbaynggirr Jagun

Darruyay Yilaaming Girrin-da


Hello you mob!

This is Gumbaynggirr Country

Good to have you here at Corindi Beach

Welcome to Yarrawarra!

This pristine coastal paradise is the homeland of the Garby Elders and
Mirlagalgi Descendants in the Northern lowlands of Gumbaynggirr Nation.
Our Centre has many services and attractions, to help us share the history
and cultural values of our Elders and Ancestors.

Wadjar Regional Indigenous Gallery, exhibits traditional
and contemporary art from regional First Nation artists from all over NSW.

Jalumbo Cultural Heritage Keeping Place, displaying cultural artifacts from
over 6000+ years of Gumbaynggirr life on the Mid North Coast

The Nuralamee Conference and Accommodation Centre, sleeping up to 70 people and seating 150 in it’s hall.
With quality catering for business events, training, weddings, birthdays, retreats, school cultural excursions etc

Yarrawarra means “Happy Meeting Place” and we certainly love to have
wonderful big gatherings as often as possible!
Open to the public are our Art & Craft workshops during the School Holidays and
our “Basket Cases” Monthly Weaving Circle,
with a range of Cultural Activities available to book all year round!

Dream On Festival POSTPONED


Two Girls From Amoonguna is an exhibition featuring
new work by Arrernte and Southern Luritja artist
Sally M Nangala Mulda and Western Arrarnta artist
Marlene Rubuntja. It recounts their intertwining stories
of friendship and resilience in the Central Desert.
Encompassing video, soft sculptures, and paintings,
the centerpiece animation, Arrkutja Tharra, Kungka
Kutjara, Two Girls, was made in collaboration with
Ludo Studio (Bluey, Robin Hood, and The Strange
Chores). Sally and Marlene’s practice is representative
of Mparntwe (Alice Springs), where they live. Playful,
self-referential, and humorous, their work embodies
the politics, history, and culture of Mparntwe and its
surrounding town camps.
An ACMI touring exhibition.
This project has been assisted by the Australian
Government’s Visions of Australia program.

“Two Girls From Amoonguna”
Exhibition Opening on
Friday 12th of April
at Wadjar Regional
Indigenous Gallery
from 6-8pm

Dream On Festival POSTPONED

Dream On Festival will be POSTPONED due to storms and high winds Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding

Holiday Activities and Workshops at Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre this April
Mother Spirit Womans Gathering 2024 at Yarrawarra 19th of May from 10am - 2pm 69 Red rock Road Corindi Beach NSW

You are invited to Mother Spirit Women’s Gathering at Yarrawarra,
to Connect with other Women for our collective strength and well-being <3

Together we are powerful, we lift each other up,
stand with one another and lend strength

We are living in times of great change
Surviving adversity and coming out stronger on the other side
And slowly we are starting to remember the power we wield and the magic we create when we come together.
To dance, to sing, to create and connect
Connect to nature, to one another,
and to the deepest parts of our true selves

Come out to Mother Spirit and relax in the dappled shade of the trees,
eat some good wholesome food,
weave a basket, stomp your feet,
dance around the fire or sit and yarn with someone new

This event is for women only and those who identify as women,
We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in this, and in providing a safe and welcome space for everyone

The event is FREE though registering for the event will help us to get funding for more free community events like this in the future,
so we appreciate it if you registered <3
For more information, please email events@yarrawarra.com.au
or call (02) 91884370 to speak with our team

Photo by Jay Black "And the Trees" Photography

Come and join our weavers in this Happy Gathering Place under the shade of the big gums and learn the art of basketry from Gumbaynggirr weaver Lilly Clegg

Learn various weaving and fibre processing techniques, and share in this creative space
“There’s magic in gathering in nature to create. No matter where you come from in the world, we all have ancestors who sat together under the trees and wove baskets, and this is something that connects us to them and to each other
In this space we begin to remember, and it feels so right”      Lilly Clegg

Monthly Weaving Circle at Yarrawarra first Sunday of every month from 10-12 To book click the link on our website or call (02) 91884370

Applications OPEN: Annual Artist Residency

We host an annual two-week artist residency for a First Nations Artist at our Cultural Centre in Corindi Beach!
We provide accomodation in our Seafoam Cottage, along with access to a fully equipped pottery shed, workshop space, Cultural Museum and a range of coastal cultural sites.
With support from the team at Yarra and a weekly fee for living expenses and art supplies,
the chosen artist will be invited to create new works to be exhibited at Wadjar Regional Indigenous Gallery the following calendar year and run one Public Arts Program from our Centre
This could be an artist talk, public arts performance, creative workshop or demonstration.
This Years Residency starts Saturday 12th October 2024
For more info call us on (02)91884370 or email events@yarrawarra.com.au