Golden Tipped Bat Roost Weaving Project

Girrimarring Wirriligal Bulany Ngayan-Bading

The Golden-Tipped Bat roosts on the underside of nests made by the Yellow-Throated Scrub Wren and since the recent bush fires, a large number of the nests have been destroyed. This along with a boost in breeding numbers have left a lot of the bats desperate for a roost. We have been partnering with Muurrbay Langauge and Culture Co-operative and the NSW Department of Planning Industry and Environment to run workshops to engage our local communities in re-creating these roosts using traditional weaving techniques

We have had such a great time finding and processing native fibres like grasses, vines, roots and mosses to re-create these nests for our little bat friends and making connections in our community

After several weaving workshops and a few trips to the forest, the best roosts are in-situ and ready for bat action! The whole program will culminate in an Exhibition at Wadjar Regional Indigenous Gallery showcasing the roosts, photographs of the project, info-graphics about the bat, video footage of their nocturnal wanderings, and a community hand-crafted colony of Gold Tipped adorable fluff balls to string up throughout the gallery!
The Exhibition will be opening on Saturday 10th of December 3-6pm

PLUS were Hosting a final Community Craft-ernoon to create the aforementioned Golden Tipped fluff balls and put some finishing touches on the leftover roosts on Nov 12 &13 from 10am-2pm
You can book to attend here: