Mother Spirit Womans Gathering


Together we are powerful, we lift each other up, we stand with one another and lend strength

Since the rise industrial society, women have been given a very particular role to play

And I’m happy to say we are smashing these gender roles to pieces and making our own paths forward in the world!

We are living in times of great change

Surviving adversity and coming out stronger on the other side

And we are starting to remember the power we wield and the magic we create when we come together. To dance, to sing, to create and connect.
Connect to nature, to one another, and to the deepest parts of our true selves

Yarrawarra has been a gathering place for Gumbaynggirr People for thousands of years, and when you’re here, you can feel it.
You can feel the land wake up and unfurl like a blooming flower, and each time we gather on this sacred place, the land becomes stronger, happier and healthier, and so do we!

Come out to Mother Spirit and relax in the dappled shade of the trees, eat some good wholesome food, weave a basket, stomp your feet, dance around the fire or sit and yarn with someone new

The Mother Spirit Womans Gathering is for women only and those who isentify and present as women, and we appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding in this, and in providing a safe and welcome space for everyone

Join us in this Celebration of Sisterhood!

(If you’d like to get involved doing markets, music, crafts or volunteering, let us know!)

The event is FREE though registering for the event will help us to get funding for more free community events like this in the future, so we appreciate it!

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