Ngayan-Bading Community Exhibition

We have had such an amazing time Connecting with our Communities and making homes for our native Golden-Tipped Bats
The Golden Tipped Bat roosts on the underside of the Yellow Throated Scrub Wren nest and this is the nest we have collaborated with our communities to re-create, experimenting with traditional weaving methods and native fibres
In Gumbaynggirr, the project is called “Girrimarring Wirrilgal Bulany Ngayan-Bading”
Which translates to “Bat Nest-type Fur Sun-like”
Now it’s finally time to show everyone all the wonderful things we’ve been doing in this
The Golden-Tipped Bat Roost Weaving Project Community Exhibition!
Come see for yourself 🙂

Exhibiting from 10th December 2022 -4th February 2023

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