Living Language Exhibition

Living Language Exhibition opening at Wadjar Regional Indigenous Gallery on Saturday 6th of May 2023 from 3-5pm Please register attendance refreshments provided For more information please call 91884370 or email

As a People that evolved with the land, we have an understanding of the language of mother nature

Our languages come in all forms as we connect with each other and the world we live in

This exhibition brings light to the various ways of communicating that are linked to our spiritual and emotional well-being

Verbal communication is but one type of language

Others include dance and body language, visual arts, dreams, scarification and ceremonial practice, astrology and the moon, the seasonal calendar and the behaviour of animals and nature

These languages, however subtle, were often more important than the spoken word as they carried with them signs to hold ceremony, hunt and forage or gather for sorry business

EXHIBITION OPENING: Saturday 6th of May 3-5pm

Refreshments and nibbles provided.

Please Register to Attend HERE :