Lewis Walker

Born in Tabulam in 1968, Lewis is an artist, dance, musician and a sites office for the Tabulam area. Lewis comes from the Walker family who are well respected for their cultural knowledge and are custodians of the Tabulam area. He is a language speaker who learnt from his mother, aunties and grandmother from an early age.He only spoke language it was not until  at age 13 he entered the formal  school system and only then did he begin to learn the English language. Lewis’s work reflects the country between the rocky outcrops to the east coast ocean. His work represent the natural bush and animals from the area he live, the rocky river, his country , Tabulam.

He performs ceremonies and  music at funerals whenevers he is asked. He is a generous man who offers his time and energy whenever it is required. He teaches language classes with elder Uncle Harry Walker. He sees his role as a caretaker for the elders and youth alike. He passes on the Bundjalung culture which is so important in his life.