Jaluka Rosalee Quinlin

Rosalee is a singer songwriter of Dhungutti, Cadigal, and Darug heritage. She learnt songs from the Torres Straight Islands and Yirrkala areas.
Rosalee is passionate about her Aboriginal Culture through her art, through dance, and through her teaching of Dunghutti language in schools.

In Pee Dee in the year 1965 I would go to the Macleay River (bitha) with my Sister (wuran) and Brothers (bingayi), Beatrice, Gary, Joan, Martin and Michael, I was 3 years old at the time. Our Mother (nhuka) was too busy with feeding the chickens, ducks (guwali), cats, dogs (mirri), horses (Gaar) and baby kangaroo (bubba Joey), washing the clothes and cooking dinner. So my big Sisters and Brothers would look after us.
Our (nyinanhambu) father (miyanda) dive (dhuragati) into the river (bitha) for turtle (dhawarr), throw (guruti) upwards (birrgi) from (gakayi) the river (bitha) cook (baral) on the fire (guwiyal) and (waa) eat the turtle (dhawarr) all up. So we would all be belly (bindjil) full.